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Social Impact

Our Story

Our founder Joyce Kyalema started this venture after seeing that majority of rural women in her home village in Mityana district were growing pumpkins in plenty just for home consumption and feeding the rest to animals and the rest could rot from the gardens. Most of the women also had undernourished children and were often affected by a condition called stunting. These children often fell ill and under performed at school. So she came up with an idea of organizing these vulnerable women in rural areas to find alternative ways of increasing their household income, food security and nutritional values to reduce malnutrition among their children and the surrounding areas. In order to ensure sustainable improvement of the livelihoods of women and youth, she also started implementing skills building projects in various agricultural foods and vegetables value addition for women and youth job creation.  processing and also helping people improve their health.

This is how Josmak International was started to lift the rural people of Uganda and Africa out of their extreme poverty by creating employment and income in a sustainable way and improve their livelihoods. Her passion is to improve the lives of the world’s poorest vulnerable youth and women through agricultural crop farming, processing and also helping people improve their health.

Women Empowerment

Since 2014, Josmak has recruited and conducted 300 training sessions for 150 women farmers to grow pumpkins in 4 districts of Uganda. We are working to scale our rural women farmers’ networks that grow pumpkins from 150 in 4 districts to 10,000 women across the country.  With the support of SEED UNO Founded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) we are going to scale our business to other African Countries starting with Burkina Faso and Ghana under its new Replicator support program to reach out to the most vulnerable women in those countries to create jobs and improve their lives.