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Pumpkin Leaf Powder 150g

UGX 5,000

Pumpkin Leaf Powder

The very best in nutritional value packed in this pumpkin leaf powder. The original taste


Pumpkin Leaf Powder is eaten as a vegetable; you can add it in soups

Preparation: To soups like beans, G.nuts, vegetables, chicken, fish, meat Add 1 or 2 spoon full of pumpkin leaves powder with the rest of the ingredients stir and then add to your favorite dish to have a thick, tasty stew.

Health Benefits

  Health benefits of Pumpkin Leaves

  1. Lowers cholesterol: leaves has hypolipidemic effect and may be a useful therapy in hypercholesteremia.
  2. Boost fertility: A particular study showed that pumpkin has the potential to regenerate testicular damage and also increase spermatogenesis.
  3. It has a liver protecting effect.
  4. It has antibacterial effects
  5. The leaves are rich in iron and play a key role in the cure of anemia,
  6. They are also noted for lactating properties and are in high demand for nursing mothers.
  7. It has a hypoglycemic (sugar reducing) effect. It is good for diabetics
  8. Increases Blood Volume and Boost Immune System
  9. The high protein content in pumpkin leaves have supplementary effect for the daily protein requirement of the body.


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